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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Back on the wagon

I finished Round 4 off with a massive weekend of partying and celebrating with new and old friends from near and far (see previous post) ready and pumped to smash out the new Round of 12WBT, so it was a bit of a shock to wake up on Monday morning at 5am to exercise. FAIL! I turned the "weekday workout" alarm off and slept another hour until the "slacker late alarm" chimed.

At least I ate "clean" all day. I was quite disappointed in myself because after about 7 weeks of slacking off, today was going to be the day to re-start. I did get some exercise done though, Monday nights I have started "Physie Culture" dance classes. It's a ladies beginner class and this was my second night. I'm having so much fun getting back into dancing after a 30 year break. "Physie" is a combination of many dance styles and also some yoga and Pilate's. the routines are sort of like choreographed exercises. You (apparently) develop a great core strength by participating in Physie. I can see how - there's a lot of strength involved and boy my muscles hurt the next morning.

Alright then, Tuesday, lets get this started..... Whoo hoo I JFDI'd and got myself out of bed and downstairs and did Mish's programmed workout. This Round I'm doing the Intermediate program. Ouchie - yep, it's a bit harder than beginner, but I'm also a lot fitter now and although today's workout was hard, it wasn't too hard. It's gonna hurt....

So Wednesday - wake up, wee and weigh-in (in my birthday suit). Yay! fist pump! I've lost 500g. That's huge considering the big weekend I've had and the fact I've on;y really been following the program for two days. Ok, so I'd better go and smash this workout now that I'm up.

Run, oh, boy, Mish wants me to run at 5am on a weekday morning. OK, whatever you say Mish. Call me your robot. Off I went, and ran! Yep, me, I ran! i ran for 15 mins and did about 2km, then Mish suggested we find some hills. Well, it's pretty flat around here but there is one hill in the park. Sounds like this'll be it then - I walked up and down and up and down this hill for almost 20 mins. The other people in the park must have thought I was crazy, but hey, it was a good workout & I could feel it in my legs. Oh gee, can I go back to bed now - nope, work time....  The sunrise was nice though.

Oh yeah, drats, that's right, tonight I have to go into the city after work for a class for my CA (Chartered Accountancy). Hmmm, this usually involves me stopping at Maccas on the way for "dinner", eating the totally yummy freshly baked cookies which are provided at the break time, and then stopping at the 7-11 on the way home for "dessert". The first bit of planning for success meant that I left work with only just enough time to get to the class without stopping on the way. Yay, no Maccas pitstop. Then surprise, surprise, they provided Subway at the breaktime. Wow, that made it easy, as I know I can have a 6 inch Subway (with certain meats & no cheese) and stay within my calorie goal. And, you know what, the Subway filled me up so that I wasn't hungry on the way home. I do have a confession though, our "facilitator" bribed us with Freddo Frogs about half an hour before we finished, and yes I ate one. It was really yummy. I will not beat myself up about that as I've definitely consumed way less calories than I would have normally on a CA night.

Thursday was another busy day, but I got up, did my toning workout as hard as I could, went to work and then began the Thursday night kid taxi run. First I make a 45min detour to pick them up from their grandparents who mind them 2 afternoons a week, then raced home for dinner and to drop one child off. No time for dinner, so straight to Hip Hop classes for the other child. We got home about 8pm and raided the fridge for leftovers. That's one plus of the kids whinging about some of the healthy meals we have - my hubby and I get some great tasting leftovers for lunches or nights like tonight. The kids had to fend for themselves and ate baked beans. (Mother of the Year award here haha).

By Friday I was really starting to flag. I still haven't recovered from the weekend, so it took me 20 mins to swing my feet out of the bed today. Luckily Friday's workout (abs) is a short one and I still got it all done before the "slacker late alarm" went off to let me know I needed to get showered and ready for work. I even managed to be coordinated to skip for 5 minutes for the warm up.

Finally I've made it to the weekend, oh, but no sleep in - it's SSS day, so a 5am start again, get dressed and grab a piece of toast and out the door with the whole family by 5:25am and on our way to our Crossfit gym. Today, being Week 1 of a new Round is usually an easier workout and has lots of new faces. Well there were lots of new faces, but the workout was HARD!
 And it was raining so our runs had to be done in the rain. And, even though I hate running and even more so in the rain, by the end of the workout when we were told to do more mountain climbers after having already done 500 of them, our trainer suggested we might prefer to run 400m in the rain - yes please! Anything but more mountain climbers. I don't think she thought we would.  Once again I forgot to start my Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) until after the warm up, but by the end of the workout it said I'd burnt 630 cals.

I am PUMPED!! Yeah baby, I'm going to SMASH this round.

Many of us from training went for a welcome breakfast afterwards and it was great to catch up with old friends and make new ones, and to hear the success stories of the people who've lost lots of weight on this program. They are certainly inspiring.

Once we got home I had to study, and study, and study, but we also ducked out to the shops and while we were there we got a new game for the Wii - "Just Dance 4". This game has you mirroring the character on the screen and learning the dance moves to popular songs. As I mentioned earlier, I love to dance, so with the kids being punished and being banned from all electronic things, I took my chance and played / danced. I danced for about an hour and sweated up a storm. I enthusiastically attempted all the dance moves - something I never would have done 6 months ago. Wow I had so much fun! I can't wait until I get another chance to play again.

So how do you think I slept Saturday night? Like a log? Nope, DOMS were starting to set in and I was very dehydrated. Bugger, this was my only chance for a decent sleep and a sleep in for another week. Oh well, at least I didn't waste Sunday by sleeping all through it.

Once thing I'm starting to notice is the change in my face. It's certainly getting slimmer. I can't stop looking at my (lack of) chins as I walk past mirrors and reflective windows. Am I becoming vain?? LOL

Find out in my next post ....

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