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Monday, February 11, 2013


Now what to do to celebrate this success? Attend the Finale of course!! Finale was in Brisbane, my home town, this time, so of course I just had to go.

I put my hand up to volunteer at the group workout in the morning and I'm so glad I did. I had the best time, met some lovely people and got my own intense workout.

I arrived at the venue in my crew shirt just before 7:30am and snapped a few photos of the "I smashed it" 12WBT billboard, then found my volunteer group.

 I was rostered to the waiver team which meant I had to make sure everyone going into the Great Hall to participate or watch the workout had a signed waiver form. This was a fabulous job because I got to speak to so many happy people. Some started out looking scared, but once I came over in my 12WBT shirt & cap and said Hi and made them feel welcome, they started to feel more comfortable. Others, they were so pumped that it was hard not to get excited with them.
I got to see my friends from far and wide (Perth, Townsville, Toowoomba) and from my own "Redlands Crew".
One of the highlights was getting a group photo with Mish (in fact I managed to get a few, being with the volunteers, the Redlands Crew, and the Defence Spouses), plus I got her autograph and a one on one photo. I was just a little star struck!

Once my volunteer time was up I was able to go in and join in on workout, but, the bag drop area was in desparate need of help, and I love to help, so I raced in and sweated a ton of calories off running back and forth in the heat dropping off and organising bags. We managed to get a 10 minute break to have something to eat, and then the workout was over and we rushed around again. OMG I was so exhausted by 1pm, but it was so rewarding. The big question now is, at the next finale, do I volunteer again, or do I join in the intense workout which all my friends said was fantastic? Oh well I've got 12 weeks to decide.

I had time for a quick trip home for a 30min nanna nap and then had to get ready for the big evening event - cocktail party. First I went out to dinner with a group of girls from my Crew (and my best friend who was my plus one for the evening), then we headed to the party.
Of course we took tons of photos as we all looked stunning. Some photos were a bit less sedate than the normal group shot and deserve to remain under wraps. LOL.

Oh what a Night! We danced, sang, danced, drank a little, ate a little, talked, danced, took lots of photos, and all in all had a fantastic night. It was wonderful to spend this evening with my gym buddies - nice to see them in a different light. Now some of us are much better friends and will support each other further through our weight loss journey.
I even managed to work out how to use Twitter and a couple of my posts were shown up on the big screen feed a few times through the night. How special did that make me feel???

Then to top off the night, one of our crew was named the 3rd place Top Transformer - Go Logan! She won a heap of prizes including a trip to Bali.
Finally, as if I could get any more pumped and motivated to SMASH the next round, over comes Margie Cummins, winner of The Biggest Loser 2012. She's a friend of one of the girls in our group, so she came over and had a big chat and we all got photos.
WOW, this is a night I will not forget in a long time.

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