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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Major Mental Achievement

Sunday this week marked only 7 days until I compete in my first triathlon. I've also registered the kids & my husband, so they have to do it with me. We've had about a 10 week period since I decided we'd be doing this to D-Day. Considering I am a weak swimmer and back in December I couldn't swim 25m without "dying", the swim leg is the one which scares me. The run I'm not too concerned about because I know I can walk that if I need to, but the swim - if I stop, I drown.

So we've been doing what we call "tri-training" most weeks. This has been us riding our bikes the 7.5km to a local 25m public pool and then swimming laps. The first week I managed 200m. I have gradually built it up to 1000m in the hour we are there. Then we ride home.

This week, the weather was shocking, so a bike ride was not very appealing, so we decided to try out the indoor pool nearby. It's a Olympic standard 50m pool. Hmmmm, you wouldn't think that swimming one 50m lap would be too much different to swimming 2 x 25m laps without stopping  nor pushing off between laps, but it is. OMG! I eventually managed to swim 700m before I gave up. I'm pretty happy that I was swimming 200m in about 6 mins. That's how far the swim is in Raby Bay for the triathlon.

We are going to have to train at this pool now (for my next tri in April) in order to improve. Unfortunately the roads to this pool are not suitable for bike riding so we will have to drive, but the harder workout will be worth it.

Gee my shoulders hurt the next day.

And it was dark and raining when my alarm went off at 5am. Oh to sleep longer, excuses, excuses. But I did need to get up to go to the loo about 20 minutes later, then once I was up, I was up! Workout clothes on, shoes on, phone in a waterproof phone bag, and out the door I went.
Mish wanted me to do interval training this morning, so, as I'm trying to do everything she tells me to, interval training I did. I did 1 minute intervals - 1 minute walking and 1 minute running (not jogging, but running). I managed 3km in 28 mins and then I was stuffed / bugger / rooted, yet so proud of myself.

But then the day went downhill with crap at work, and I had to fight my internal voice wanting me to snack and eat those biscuits which are provided in the lunchroom.
 Noooooo! But there was a light at the end of the tunnel ...

Major achievement - Every month at work we have training on some boring tax topic, followed by morning tea to celebrate the birthdays for the month. The food supplied is hot sausage rolls, party pies and samosas. Followed by a selection of cakes from The Cheesecake Shop. "Just don't go to the morning tea" I hear you say - easier said than done - we have to be in the room as this is when the latest firm news is given and sometimes our knuckles are rapped. Every month I struggle with the desire to just have a little bit because the smell is overwhelming. Well, this week, I had no desire whatsoever to eat any of the food - I managed to sit in the room and eat my yoghurt I'd brought from home. MAJOR MENTAL ACHIEVEMENT! In fact, I can't even recall smelling the hot food, though I know the smell was there because everyone commented. Happy Dance!

And finally, for this post, I like to read other people's blogs to learn out their journey and struggles and realise that I am human, plus some of them inspire me. One such person is Jeepie who writes "The Confessions of a Snacking Shiftworker" http://snackingshiftworker.blogspot.com.au/

Lightbulb moment - Jeepie mentioned about how shiftworkers are more likely to grab takeaway after / during their long and irregular shifts rather than get into a routine to cook at home. BINGO! I used to do that! And looking back I realise that it was about those days that I started to really put on weight. I worked in hospitality and fast food and it was easier to grab anything not healthy from the shop / restaurant I was working in (plus dessert, because it was either free or discounted), or at the 7-11 on the way home at 3am, than to cook. Then once children came along and I was no longer doing shiftwork, my husband was. Again it seemed so much easier to grab takeaway on my way home from work for the kids and I when my hubby was not going to be home because the kids wouldn't (or so I thought) eat what I'd cook, plus I was soooo tired.  Thanks Jeepie for that insight :-).

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  1. Those two pack of Arnotts biscuits are my downfall. The private hospitals supply them in our write up rooms. Oh the pain!
    Glad I could be of help too.
    I've seen some of your tri shots too.looking good in the suit.