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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hungry today

Day 2, Week 2 but today I am oh so hungry! Is this because I smashed out my workout this morning? Or because my body is starting to get over its shock at this lifestyle change? Or the fact that the menu yesterday and so far today has not included any meat? Roll on beef stir fry tonight for dinner.

I've been trying to combat the hunger by chewing sugar free cheering gum and by having a herbal tea. I hope I can get through the rest of the afternoon without snacking on naughty food!

Exercise-wise, I'm improving. I managed the mountain climbers on the back of the bench without stopping this morning and I'm getting so much better with my push ups too. Yesterday I upped my learn to run program from 30sec running intervals to 60sec running intervals. It was very difficult, but I managed. My butt does hurt quite a bit today - I notice it everytime I sit down :-(

And finally for today, I can't believe I'm so excited to be getting on the scales tomorrow for weigh in Wednesday. I have never been happy about getting on the scales. Here's hoping for an awesome result.

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