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Saturday, September 1, 2012

SSS on Day 6, Week 1

Another double dose for us this Saturday. We dragged ourselves out of bed to attend Ange's workout at the Capalaba Regional Park at a windy and chilly 6am. Today she introduced us to the "Tabata" style of workout - ouch! This style has you repeating one exercise at high intensity for 20 seconds, then resting for 10 seconds, then back at high intesity for another 20 seconds, etc. You do 8 repetitions of the high intensity 20 second blocks. Each tabata set lasts 4 minutes, but oh how it hurts! First we did sprints, then sit ups, push ups, mountain climbers, lunges and finally sprints again. By the end of the hour we had certainly burnt some calories. My HRM told me I'd burnt 450 cals. Yippeee.

Later today (after a coffee (no cake) with a friend and some grocery shopping) we headed off to EliteHQ for our second SSS of the day. Were we crazy? Maybe.

The "warmup" today had me achieve a first - I jogged 400m without stopping or slowing to a walk! Wowee. Pity I still had to do another 200m run, then 400m run plus pushups, situps, and squats as part of the warmup. Phew! Again, if I'd been doing this at home, I would have given up after the warm up. This group PT training really does push you. The main workout had us split into two groups. My group did boxing first, and more running, and skipping, and pushups, and burpees. I partnered with Mady for the boxing - she's getting good! Plus I managed to skip 25 times in a row - had to do 100 all up. Two weeks ago I couldn't even do 5 skips in a row.

Then we swapped to the other group and we did knee raises while hanging from a bar, hang cleans with a 15kg bar, then we had to lift the bar above our heads (ouch) and then more burpees, and then repeated it.

When we FINALLY finished this (and most of us were totally buggered), we were lured outside for "suicide runs". We had to run back and forth for gradually shorter distances which ended up being a total of about 1km.

Once we'd done that we were finally allowed to stretch and finish up. I burnt 550 calories and worked many muscles I didn't know I had. Plus I jogged most of the 3km we had to do in the session.

By the time we got home, I was really starting to hurt so a nice warm epsom salts bath was in order, followed by crashing on the couch in front of the Paralympics on TV. Thank God we had leftovers for dinner and none of us had to cook. Even though it was a really tough SSS, I'm so proud of what I did today.
I'm even more proud that my family took part as well and my daughter is enjoying participating as an adult in our training sessions.

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