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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Week 3 Bits and Pieces

(Photos to come)

A 5am alarm on a Saturday so we could get to our SSS at 6am at Redland Bay was a new experience. I can't believe this new me si getting up that early on a weekend to exercise. There wer only 5 other people brave enough to turn up this early, but it made for a good session. James participated in most of the session, including showing off by blitzing the jumping chin ups.

 Mady sat on the sidelines and read a book - she's had a very full on week with her school musical performances the past few nights.

During sit-ups I was managing to get my fingers to my knees - a huge improvement on 6 weeks ago where my fingers would only reach half way up my leg, so Tina encouraged & pushed me. She stood on my toes to give me a little help and guess what? I actually got all the way up! I did that about 10 times with Tina standing lightly on my toes, but could not do it by myself...yet. On the next round (after 2 x200m runs, 30 push ups, 30 burpees, 30 jump ups (hanging from bar and jumping up to a chin up) and 30 squats, ) I actually managed to do a full sit up myself! I even managed to do 23 of them in a "row". It took me a long time, but I did it!

 In the final "intensity" push, we had to do 60 ball slams (10pd medicine ball for me),
50 up & downs (similar to burpees, but not all the way down and not all the way up), 40 kettle ball swings (I'm using a 16 pound KB) and 30 jump squats. Unfortunately I got quite light headed during the up & downs and had to stop so I didn't fall over. I moved onto the KB swings, but part way through those I had to spew. Bugger. Though, it does show that I was pushing myself to the absolute limit. And maybe my blood pressure has finally come back down causing me to get light headed with that fast vertical movement. This is the second time in two weeks that standing up quickly has sent me into a head spin, which used to be a regular occurrence when I had low blood pressure. After my spew, I got back on board and finished the KB swings and squats. I didn't get back to the up & downs, but that did not worry me. Afterwards, a few of the others said the up & downs were making them dizzy too - we had to push through them really fast!

Home time & some quick running around for us - breakfast (high protein) at a coffee shop (no time to go home) dentist for Mady, shopping quickly to get morning tea & birthday cake, home to quickly clean & tidy as the cleaner was unable to come yesterday, a quick shower and then everyone arrived to celebrate James & Mady's birthdays (which are next week). Phew! We managed to get a couple of hours relaxing and socialising in before everyone left us so that I could study for my big exam on Tuesday.

Unfortunately I looked up the results of the class component of my subject and found out I got 40% less than I expected. I was devastated! My first impulse was to cry (which I did) my second was to binge on chocolate. Luckily there wasn't any in the house. AND I hadn't had lunch yet so I made myself a healthy lunch. BUT I still wanted chocolate, so I compromised on a skinny, water based hot chocolate from our coffee machine. Still want chocolate, but I did exercise my willpower machine.YAY ME.

I spent most of the rest of the arvo studying, until I just go so tired that I could not keep my eyes open. Went for a snooze on the couch & then (with the kids away with the grandparents for a birthday treat) Stephen & I went out for a treat meal which ended up just being takeaway from Subway. But still, we didn't have to cook! Home by 5:30pm and straight into a hot Epsom salts bath for my sore muscles. Now, 7:30pm, I'm totally buggered and will be in bed shortly. Must get up early and keep studying.....

Little surprises:
We had breakfast at the same place we had breakfast 4 weeks ago. Then it was very uncomfortable for me to sit in the chairs as the arms of the chairs where they meet the seat at the front dug right into my thighs. this week, although my thighs were still touching, the arms were not painfully digging in. Yay
Then in my Epsom salts bath I noticed that no longer do my thighs wedge up against the sides of the bath but I could even fit one hand on each side! Yeehaa

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