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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Week 3 Weigh In & Some Recognition

Wednesday = wake up, wee, and weigh in.  Whoo Hoo, I've lost another 1.1kg. That's a total of 6.7 kg since I signed up on 5th August. Oh it's so exciting. Even though it's been hard, it's actually been a hell of a lot easier than many of my other weight loss attempts.

That little win helped me push through my workout this morning in which I struggled. I'm a bit tired and my legs are still hurting from all those stairs on Sunday, so I really struggled with completing the running intervals this morning. I did it though.

Then to keep me on my happy dance high, one of the girls at work asked me if I'd lost weight because it looks like I've lost a "heap" of weight! Yeee-haa! Someone at work noticed!!! I now can't wait until I come back from my two week holiday in a few weeks. A few more people might notice then when they haven't seen me for a couple of weeks. Exciting....

BUT, when am I going to feel energised? I'm just so tired all the time. Even more tired than I usually am with all my work and study. I'm falling asleep at night at 8pm before the kids. And I certainly don't have any energy for special cuddles....

Maybe after my exam on tuesday when I can get back the energy I'm devoting to that, I will get some energy. Stay tuned....


  1. Hi Tori, can you add a Follow me widget thingo so your posts automatically come up on my dashboard. Thanks Leisa.

  2. Hi Leisa,
    Hopefully the widget is on and working now. Thanks for following me :-)