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Sunday, August 5, 2012

And it begins

My 12WBT Journey
After months of watching the weight drop of Kristie and Mel while they were doing the 12 Week Body Transformation (12WBT) program by Michelle Bridges of Biggest Loser fame, and with a five month break from my studies coming up where I can actually devote some headspace to losing weight, I decided to approach Stephen about letting me join the 12BWT for Round 3 which starts on 27th August. This round will start a few weeks before my exam, but I figure a few weeks overlap will be better than waiting another 3 months before the next round begins.
I deliberated all day about approaching Stephen as I've tried many weightloss things before and this was going to cost $200 for me to sign up. At one point I jumped on his computer to have a look at the website (as it was the only computer on) and when I'd finished I left it up (not purposely). Later after he'd been on his computer he came up and asked if that was what Kristie and Mel have been doing. When I said yes, he asked if I wanted to do it and then said we both could! He didn't even ask what it involved, nor how much it would cost. So we signed up that night and got straight into our first couple of pre-season tasks.

Why am I doing this and why is this time going to work?
  • When I ride my push bike, every time I pedal, my thighs bump into my stomach.
  • When we flew from Sydney to Brisbane back in March, my bum didn't fit in the seat - my thigh was under the arm rest between the seats. In fact the arm rest couldn't go down properly because my thigh was in the way. I was about half an inch away from needing an extension on my seat belt - now that's really embarrassing.
  • I have to be careful which chairs I sit in at home so that I don't break them. I can't stand in a chair in order to reach high places because I don't feel as if I can balance and I'm afraid I will break the chair. I have put a cushion in my dinner chair because I could feel that I had pushed the upholstery cushion down into the frame with my weight and was now only sitting in the frame edge.
  • I have put on so much weight in the last few months that I'm going to have to go up another size in my clothes. I know that none of my summer clothes are going to fit me once the weather gets warmer.
  • I get puffed walking up the two flights of stairs to the office.
  • I can't comfortably drive the 4WD because the seat is too skinny and the seat belt housing digs into my bum.
  • I've finally seen some photos of myself and realize that what I see when I look down is not what everyone else sees - yes I am fat.
  • We've bought full length mirrors but I'm not in a hurry to get them up because then I would see the real me instead of just my head and shoulders.
  • For the first time in my life I've had high blood pressure and have a premium added to my life insurance policy.
  • I can keep up with my kids who love their sport. "Mummy doesn't run".
  • My daughter is starting to get big and has my body type. She is the same height as me and weighs more than my goal weight. It's time for her to change her ways too. She eats way too much for breakfast and then pigs out when she gets home. I don't want to deny her treats but the reality is she is heading to be teased at school just like I was. She loves to swim but soon she will be embarrassed to be seen in her togs. I can't let this happen and the time is now to correct this.

I am very excited and I am committed. I am so glad Stephen is experiencing some weight issues for the first time in his life and now understands and is going to join me on this journey and support me all the way as I will do to him.

My inspiration is the Townsville girls, plus my bestie Kylie who lost a heap of weight on her own and is now a yummy mummy still 3 years on.

So, what's my starting weight? 108.8kg
What's my goal weight? 65kg
What is my goal for this Round of the 12WBT? 15kg lost.

 And so that I remember how big I really am, here's my before photo:

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