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Monday, August 6, 2012

Pre Season Task #3 - Gear Up

Our next task tis to "Gear Up". In other words, decided where we are going to train / exercise and then make sure we have all the requirements we need.

We don't see the value in joining a gym - too expensive, not open at times that we can go, need to find someone to look after the kids while we are there, and gyms are boring. So, we've decided to do most of our workouts at home and at the local park. We are very fortunate in that we are a short 5 minute walk from the foreshore and at home we already have quite a bit of (unused) gym equipment.

At the local park there are some council provided gym equipment which we can use any time, plus there's a terrific pathway right along the water's edge which goes for about 3km. There are park benches for step ups and dips - everything we need!

At home we have an exercise bike, a rowing machine, swiss balls, skipping ropes, push bikes, kayaks, foam mats, a weights bar (but no weights) and a swimming pool. Crazy hey? All this "good intentions" stuff and a family full of unfit, fat people!

The one thing we needed to complete our mini home gym was a set of dumbells. So off we went to Rebel Sport to have a look.
We bought ourselves this set of dumbells which comes with 2 x 2kg bars and 16kg of weights to give two dumbells each weighing up to 10kg. A total of 20kg. And the best thing is, this set matches the bar we have at home, so we now have dumbells and a weights bar!
Well, buying the dumbells was the easy thing, carrying them to car was another. Twenty kilos is really quite heavy to carry for any distance. We all had a go and when I struggled, Stephen quickly pointed out that the dumbells only weighed HALF of what I need to lose, So half of what my poor body is carrying around every single day that it doesn't need to! Woah, that hit home. 40kg to lose, 2 lots of these dumbells and I was having trouble carrying them around. OMG.

Now that was a lightening bolt moment which I need to remember. Once I have lost the weight, I will need to pick up these dumbells and remember how far I have come and that I never want to go back to that again!

We are currently building in downstairs at our house and putting in a bedroom and a media room. Well, maybe not anymore. We need somewhere under cover to workout, so it looks like our media room just became a multi purpose room. BRING IT ON!

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