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Monday, August 13, 2012

Pre-season Task #5 - Kitchen Makeover

I've been a little scared about this task coming up. This is the start of my new reality and I know we have tons of food in the pantry and freezer which is not ideal.

Watching Mish's video this morning, whilst entertaining, was what I expected. Reading the throw out list and shopping list provided at Task 5 was a different story. OMG I have to start eating all of that stuff? Well I guess I do. The biggest thing is that Stephen is doing it with me and is committed to throwing out all the bad foods and buying all the good foods. He's even going to throw out the deep fryer which I didn't want him to buy in the first place.

Stephen also being fully into this is a big thing, as previously on my weightless attempts I've always had to do it alone, buy my own low fat foods and cook my own low fat meals, while everyone else in the family kept eating as normal and the pantry still stocked with naughty foods. All of this meant temptation for me. Too easy for me to grab something naughty in a moment of weakness or to not cook my own food and have what everyone else is having. Wow! This time the whole family is making the change too and I'm not being ridiculed for inconveniencing the rest of the family.

Our pantry today is a little worse than normal as we still have leftover entertaining food from Stephen's 40th birthday party last weekend. Normally there aren't chips or lollies, or as much alcohol as there is today.

Although we don't usually have these naughty items, they are in there today! We discovered that our problem is not chips, lollies, soft drink etc, but all the prepackaged foods we have - such as all the dinner in a jar meals like Chicken Tonight and packet pasta and sauce mixes. Well, time for them all to go.
Funds are a bit tight at the moment, we are time poor, and we don't know what foods to eat, so we're going to finish off a few of these foods over the next two weeks, but as soon as we get the menu and shopping list for the round, what ever is left goes in the bin! We're letting the kids take the little chip packets to school for lunches (something they've never done before) and they've been told that once the muesli bars are gone, we're not buying anymore.

We have many of the things on Mish's buy list, we just don't use them because we don't know how. Well, that's about to change. I've been told to hand over all the thinking to Mish and that is what I plan to do. Here you go, Mish -------

I can't wait to learn how to actually cook leafy green vegetables so that they are appetising, and what to have for breakfast rather than cereal, and what to have for lunch and how much too big our dinners have actually been. Stephen understand he's going to have to eat "low fat" foods and drink low fat milk, and he won't be able to have his white bread ever again. A steep learning curve ahead for all of us. And the kids are coming along for the ride.

The one big thing we need to buy is a non-stick wok. We've decided on getting the wok from the same set as our awesome frypans - Stoneline. Their wok is non-stick (it really really is!) and we can use it on our BBQ on the extra side burner we got and haven't used as yet, again because we didn't know how, except that its' good for woks, but we didn't have one. The wok will cost $249, but we think it will be worth it. I do actually like stirfrys.

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