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Sunday, August 19, 2012

My First Bootcamp

The opportunity arose to attend a Bootcamp with Ben from EliteHQ this morning. We were out last night at the Brisbane Lions AFL game so it was very hard to get up to be at Redland Bay at 7am but we did. Alarms gave us 15 mins to get up and get out the door. We did it - all four of us!

We all met at the EliteHQ studio then walked down to to the nearby park where we warmed up with a run around the oval and then got stuck into the exercises. We did a variety of things including jumping over bollards, walking over the top of park benches and picnic tables, push ups, sit ups, burpees, squats and the big one - tractor tyre activities. That was fun! In groups of four or five (we had Stephen, Mady, Sai and I) we had to push the (big heavy) tyre across the ground from the edge of the oval to the cricket pitch in the middle. Easy enough? No. The tyre had to stay flat on the ground. We could not roll it nor flip it not carry it nor throw it. The rotten thing kept digging in the ground and stopping until we worked out a strategy. On the count of three we all pushed or pulled in one big effort and slid the tyre further than we could consistently. We got quite a head start in the other teams until they began copying us. It really was a killer though. But we we're finished!

Until... Ben made us carry the tyre as a team out to the cricket pitch and back. Are we finished yet?

No!!  Ben made us flip the tyre all the way across the oval and back again, though this time it was one person at a time and you had to flip until your team mate came back from their run across the oval. With 4 teammates and a very big oval, we had to flip for a long time. At least we were practising our squats with our flips.

Oh boy, are we finished yet? Apparently not. Now we had to do push ups and sit ups.

Finally we were allowed to stretch and go home.
We were so buggered that I hardly had the energy to study and spent the day in zombie mode. It was well worth it though. The team work and comraderie were great. I'll be doing that again.

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