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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pre Season Task #6 - Organise and Diarise

Nice easy task this one!

We're always so busy that this one is pretty much already done. Everything we do is in our calendars. As we've hooked up with group PT training at EliteHQ we've already put our SSS's in the calendar (for Mady as well). We've already got our weekday morning 45mins in the calendars as well. Grocery shopping is Monday nights - Stephen and the kids do the grocery run and I do the fruit and vege run. Then the butcher is whenever they have a special on.
Special events and appointments are already in, including our trip to Townsville. And our trip to Townsville will not be a chance to slack off as all of our friends up there are already doing the 12WBT, so will support us and help us find somewhere to exercise.
the only thing we need to add is a weekend cook up time. I think that Stephen will have to do this one by himself until after I have done my exam on 18th September.

Task #6 - done!

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