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Saturday, August 18, 2012

SSS Charity Week

Today is Round 2 Week 11 so my local Facebook 12WBT group were celebrating their Round 2 successes with a Charity workout. The idea was that you had to bring along items to donate that weighed the amount you had lost this round. You had to pack it all in a backpack and would be wearing the backpack for the workout. Us newbies were invited to come along and particiapate and to be inspired by the others.
I put about 2kgs into my backpack and we donated a bottle of moisturiser each (so 4 all up) as our token effort for today.
This was a workout with a difference. There was a lot of bonding, reflection and tears. We started with a couple of km round about walk to the nearby park. On the walk we chatted with some of the "oldies" and got hints and tips and also found out that mnay of them have lost more than 10kgs this round!! Two ladies have lost more than 15 kgs - in 12 weeks! One lady I spoke to said she had not run since primary school and in the space of 12 weeks she learnt to run and can now run 10km. Wowie! That's totally amazing, and inspiring. One lady carried a 15kg bag of dog food throughout the whole workout - that's dedication.

Once we got to the park we had to run around the oval and at each big light pole do a differnt kind of exercise, such as squats, push ups, burpees, etc. Once we had been around once, we lined up for a sparing session with one of the PTs. I think I had to punch out 200 of each type of punch.

Once we'd done that, we walked back to the studio, via the long flight of stairs which leads up to the back of the (yummy smelling) pub beer garden. (torture)
When we got back to the studio, we laid out all our donations and heard some great stories from some Round 2-ers. We counted up the total weight lost for the group and it was over 200kg. IN TWELVE WEEKS!  Of course we took some photos, a few people shed some tears, and we got revved up for Round 3. Bring it on!

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