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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pre-Season Task #1 - Get Real

Our first task in this journey is to Get Real. We do this by working out what all our past excuses for not losing weight or getting in shape are, and finding ways to overcome them. Mish says there are 3 types of excuses:
  1. Internal Excuses.
  2. External Excuses within your control.
  3. External excuses outside of your control.
Here are my excuses and their solutions:
Internal Excuses:
1. If I don't eat it I'll miss out;
2. I'm too tired;
3. I'm too unfit;
4. I'm too busy;
5. It costs too much;
6. What about the kids?
1. So what if I miss out? Do I really need the calories? If I miss out it's less weight to lose;
2. Exercising more & eating properly will actually give me more energy, and I will sleep better at night;
3. Work at my own pace; Stephen will have to go ahead until I improve my fitness;
4. You've always been busy. What about all that time wasted on Facebook? Or reading novels for hours at night?
5. What price my health? Not buying chocolate will save us money;
6. Kids can join in

External Excuses Within My Control:
1. It's too cold;
2. It's raining;
3. I need to study;
1. Put on a jumper; once you get moving you will get the circulation going and warm up;
2. Put a windcheater on; You will be having a shower as soon as you get back anyway.
3. Schedule study time & don't procrastinate; then exercise

External Excuses Outside My Control:
Need to stay back at  work;
Just stay back and sort it out, then come home and get back on track

In all my previous weight loss attempts, I've never really done the "mind" tasks. I'm thinking this could be the big thing as to why I didn't succeed in the long term. I really need to change my mind set. Even just writing down these excuses and their solutions has made me realise that my mind has not been in the right place - ever!

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