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Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 1, Week 1, Round 3, 2012

Off we go!
I got myself up an extra half hour early this morning (5am) and got stuck into my first 12WBT workout - Cardio! I did interval training which was 1min 30 walk then 30 sec jog over 20 mins along the foreshore watching the sun begin to rise. Gee it was lovely down there at that time of the day.

Then I came home to complete the rest of the workout. I definitely have room for improvement in regards to technique as well as stamina. I worked off 368 calories and I am so proud of myself. Once I'd cooled down I felt quite good.
Next was my introduction to the food. Whoa - culture shock. I really struggle with eating much at breakfast and cope by having it just before I walk out the door. I struggled eating the toast today and the berries were a bit tart for my sweet tooth, but I will get used to it. I did enjoy it but didn't finish it, partly as I took too long to eat and needed to leave for work.
My alarm reminder reminded me to eat my morning snack and I coped with the beetroot and green stuff on my sandwich. I can do this! I'm looking forward to the fish stew tonight. It smelt so good!
I am soooo excited!
I took my belt in another notch today! That's four notches in three weeks! Yippee!

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