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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Meeting a 12WBT star - Angela Wallace

I am very fortunate to live "just down the road" from a very successful 12WBT-er, Angela Wallace. Ange's story begins about 2 years ago when she was very sick and unhealthy. The 12WBT literally saved her life. She is now trim taut and terrific and is a qualified PT.
Ange has added a 6am Saturday Bootcamp at a park about 10 minutes from our place to the training sessions she does on weekends. We are so fortunate. Ange is an inspiration to many, including some of my Townsville 12WBT friends who encouraged me to do this.
And oh boy she worked us hard! One of the best things was that our group was the first bootcamp group there - a couple of others turned up while we were there and therefore were still going when we left to get on with the rest of our day. Haha we were done nice and early! Ange is so lovely and inspiring, we will try and attend her bootcamps each week here.

I'm realy getting into this exercise thing, so much so that we rocked up to Elite HQ in the afternoon for another training session - are we crazy or what?? Maybe, but I AM going to get fit and lose this weight. Only my daughter, Mady come with me to the afternoon session as my hubby, Stephen had something else on, but we still worked our butts off.

This session was an Intro to SSS for the newbies on Round 3, so theoretically they were going to go easy on us. EliteHQ is a "crossfit" gym so there is always a huge variety of activities to do in each session and today we experienced a few more. Some of the "oldies" came along to help out us "newbies".
This was Mady's second training session and she did really well. She really impressed some of the adults by keeping up with them - she's only 11, though she is as tall and developed as a full grown woman.

Today I was introduced to kettle ball swings - ugh! The board above shows how many rounds / sets we did of the circuit.

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