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Saturday, August 11, 2012

My First SSS - Meeting the Redlands Facebook Crew

In my excitement at starting the 12WBT I joined a few Facebook groups, including the "12WBT Redlands, Bayside and Surrounds (Queensland)" group.

After first introducing myself, I was very quickly invited to a few training sessions organised by the members. I hesitated for a bit but then decided to JFDI and reorganised my Saturday so that I could attend this SSS at Redland Bay.

I met some lovely people, was encouraged by the team, trained with a buddy who was as unfit as me, and tried to do as much as I could of the activities programmed. I did pretty well, just falling behind in the running and therefore missing out on a few exercises.

I'm so glad I went. If I'd been at home doing the same thing, I would have given up after the warm up! (Warm up started with a 200m jog, 50m heels to toes, 50m high knees, 50m lunge steps, 50m side steps followed by a 400m jog, plus more!) As it was, the trainers Ben and Tina made sure I knew what to do and encouraged me.

I learnt all about burpees, did some boxing, found out that I can't skip anymore, and discovered that I can run (a short distance).

The biggest difference to any other gym experience I've had is that the other participants also encouraged each other and me. It made me feel welcome and makes me want to go again. All of these people have been on the journey I am about to embark on. Some still have a lot of weight to lose and some are just toning up now... Anyway - I've put next week's session in my diary. (BTW I didn't take these photos, Tina did, (I was working out) there just aren't any of me).          

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