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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pre Season Task #4 - Say it Out Loud

Phew! This is a big one - Saying it out loud.

My first step was to commit to Stephen, my husband. We had a big discussion about being all in, including the kids, and we are going to do this program by the letter. There would be no slacking off, no changing around of the menu to suit ourselves, we would try every recipe and give it all a go. That's a BIG commitment.

Next I posted a very small post on Facebook. I'm not confident enough to shout it out to the world there, but my discrete post was noticed by a few friends who are also doing 12WBT, but who I didn't know were. Yay, sisters in arms!.

Next, I sent an invitation to join 12WBT to my brother and to a girl at work - both who are struggling with weightloss.

And finally I set up a private group for 6 of my close friends who are all committed to 12WBT. Five of these lovely ladies have already done a round or two, but one is a newbie just like me. Most of the girls know each other and we've been through some tough spots together and supported each other at times, so this private group on Facebook will (hopefully) help us vent, and inspire.

Then I only have one more person to tell ..... Mum. This will be a hard one and I don't think I'm ready to tell her yet. I know that if I do, she'll be constantly asking me about it, how much weight I've lost, give me a hard time if I fail and generally pressure me. I'm not strong enough to cope with that pressure form mum yet. I don't want to let her down, so the pressure is always harder from her. I will tell her sometime in the future, just not now. Hopefully she will notice the weight falling off me and ask??

Stay tuned over the next few weeks to see if I got up the guts to tell her....

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