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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ekka Public Holiday

We both got a free day off today for the Ekka and the kids had to go to school as their public holiday was the Monday. We planned to go kayaking and then were going to go and see a movie and go out to lunch. Then last night James asked if he could ride to school so now we were riding with him to and from school. Once we got back from school I checked the 12WBT Redlands group and Tina was organizing a small group boxing class this afternoon. Should we go? Yep, bugger it, lets JFDI. So all of a sudden our relaxing day at home ended up being a full on exercise day. We didn't end up going to see a movie nor going out to lunch. We ate at home (and saved money) and I spent the small time left in the day to sort out our receipts in order to do our tax this weekend (another task I'd been putting off).
Mady had to be at school early so we dropped her off at the train station and then got our bikes and rode to school via the foreshore. the whole trip took 21 minutes and was 4.9 km long.

   We already had the kayaks on the trailer so by 9am Stephen and I were in the water near the jetty at Wellington Point deciding where to paddle to.

King Island it was! It was right on high tide so the causeway to King Island was just under water. When we were almost level with King Island I noticed some splashing and what I thought might be fish jumping. I looked again and saw fins. Sharks or dolphins? We decided to paddle closer to see whilst being prepared to turn around really quickly if it was sharks. Yay it was dolphins! We paddled to about 10m away but they ended up coming even closer. I had my phone with me but wrapped up inside our new dry bag. We decided the risk of getting bumped by a dolphin and dropping and losing my phone was worth it to get photos. I got a couple of ok photos and a video but it was hard to see whether I was actually capturing the dolphins due to the sun glare in the screen.

Once they went away we headed for King Island (via a big detour around the emerging sandbank) to rest and eat our snack (a muesli bar, but we didn't have anything else as we haven't yet learnt what to have).

Time to head back! With the tide quickly going out, we had to take a wider route around the shallows which meant a bigger distance to paddle. OMG my shoulders were aching, my legs were sore, but today not my back. We were using back rests in the kayaks for the first time and they made a huge difference to the back pain as they actually give some support. The paddle back was long and tiring. I really struggled, Crazy though, to think we only paddled for an hour and only went 4.77km, but it was definitely a workout. But oh so worth it! If experiences like these are what happen when you get fit and get out there - yessss I'm in!

So we went home, had a couple of hours rest and then Stephen rode to collect James from school and I drove to pick Mady up from the train. Then off we went again! This time to boxing at EliteHQ.

Boxing is a really good cardio work out, so I found out today. An hour of boxing (especially after all the exercise we did today) and I was totally stuffed and hurting, but in a good way. As there were only 3 other people at training, the kids joined in too. They had a ball!

Well, if this is to be the new me, then this is the way its going to be.

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