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Monday, August 20, 2012

Will I Change Too Much?

Doubts have already kicked in. I'm scared that I might change too much during this journey. Not my body - that needs to change. But will my personality change too much? Will I become an exercise Nazi at the expense of losing some friends? After hearing some of the transformations of the girls at our local crew, I'm amazed, but then you also hear of troubles they've had where friends and family are upset with their changes and that they've lost some really good friends. A couple have even been distanced from their partners. I know in my head that if I lose a friend this way, then what kind of a friend are they really? Or maybe they were sometimes friends for whilst I was fat and I need to find (or I will find) new friends for while I'm skinny. Doesn't mean it won't hurt or break my heart.

On the plus side I made a couple more small changes today. And I have survived.
Firstly I only put one fake sugar in my tea instead of two.
Secondly I had muesli for breakfast and only 30g at that. Also only a small amount of milk.
And finally I swapped the tasty cheese on my wrap for ricotta cheese. Quite nice actually. I don't miss the tasty cheese at all.

Today is Fitness Test day. We got permission to do ours on Saturday just gone, so the only thing we still have to do is the reach test which we will do tonight.

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